Short Incense Burner: What To Do When Burning Incense For Your Bath

Burning incense while you bath can be very relaxing especially after a very busy day. If you are one of those people who relaxes in the bath after a busy day, it would be a good idea for you to ad some sweet aroma to this ritual. To get you started in the right direction, do some shopping first and buy some short incense and a short incense burner.

Why use short incense and short incense burners? In the first place, you are still starting up and you are not yet very familiar with the scents of different types of incense so you need to experiment. Until such time when you are already familiar with the different scents and have identified which ones are suitable for you, the short incense sticks will do well for you. Second, if you do not usually take long baths, it will be such a waste to use long incense sticks. Note that certain types of long incense sticks can burn for a long period of time and they cost a lot more than the short sticks. To avoid wasting your money, use short incense sticks.

Choosing Your Short Incense Burner

There are many types of short incense burners that you can choose from. Porcelain and stoneware short incense burners are one of the favorites because they are beautiful to look at and are very safe to use. Zen type short incense burners are good for holding those short incense sticks. Furthermore, these Zen type incense burners will definitely give your bathroom a more exotic look.

If your bathroom has a theme, if would be a good idea to get a short incense burner that goes well with your theme. For instance, if your bathroom decorations are composed mostly of stones and marbles, it would be a good idea for you to get one of those lovely short incense burners that are made up of carved stones. In case your taste runs towards expensive things, look out for handmade short incense burners that are made of stones or porcelain. You can easily find these types of short incense burners in specialty stores all over the country. In the other hand, if you are not really prepared to spend a lot of money on your incense burner, you may just choose one of those lovely but very affordable short incense burners that are being sold in the market today. Just make sure that you pick up a burner that is safe to use to ensure your own safety.