A Guide to Shadow and Light Incense

Shadow and Light is a wonderful company that offers innovative and exquisite products, including one of their most popular and best-selling items of all, the Shadow and Light incense. Shadow and Light is a well-established and well-respected company that is committed to producing only the best quality aromatherapy candles and personal care products, including incense, and they do this namely by using only all-natural ingredients.

This includes paraffin-free soy wax, palm wax, natural ingredients, botanicals, and essential oils, for instance, and by doing this, Shadow and Light incense and aromatherapy candles burn longer and also are virtually smoke and soot free. This means that you get the delicious and intoxicating aromas that you love, but with none of the negative affects that you don't.

Shadow and Light offers a line of products with aromatherapy blends that smell good enough to eat, and all of their products are manufactured in a factory in the United States, and they are proud to state that they do not use any propylene glycol, mineral oil, EDTA, TEA, or laurel or laureth sulfate or harsh chemicals that most other companies use in these same sorts of products.

Instead, they use all healthy and natural ingredients, including organic aloe vera gel, non-GMO soybean oil, and nurturing emollients from palm and coconut oils. Mild coconut cleansers, green tea extract and other natural ingredients work by leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and revitalized.

Finding Shadow and Light Incense

If you are interested in purchasing Shadow and Light incense for yourself, then there are many options that you have. One place in particular that is well-known for their selection of Shadow and Light incense is Sensia, which is a company that is located in Cape May, New Jersey, but which also offers a wonderful website online that you can visit as well.

They specialize in the most hard to find products of the non-mainstream variety, and one of their most featured manufacturers is the Shadow and Light Company. They offer a variety of their and other company's candles, incense, home fragrance and oils, and bath and body products for you to choose from, and all at incredibly affordable prices.

Another great option is Quantum Alchemy, a company that offers a wide selection of the finest aromatherapy candles, incense, herbs, essential oils and oil diffusers, smudge supplies, crystals, jewelry, oracles, and other metaphysical items. They too feature the Shadow and Light Company, and in fact they are so popular that they are constantly running out of stock of their products.