Necessary Ingredients for Creating Incense Recipes

There is something special about creating incense from scratch. It is a feeling of becoming one with nature and creating a product that will be used to induce different feelings in people. It is important to have at least a basic understanding of the necessary incense ingredients for recipes.

It is necessary to have all ingredients on hand when making incense. This will include all of the herbs, flowers, and residents that will be combined. It is also important to have measuring spoons, several mixing bowls, a mortar and pestle, as well as pen and paper. All of these incense ingredients are needed to create recipes.

Steps in Using Natural Ingredients to Create Incense Recipes

The first step in using natural ingredients to create incense recipes is to prepare all of the herbs, flowers, and resins. This means grinding them into a fine power using the mortar and pestle. This is the best way to grind them, however, a coffee grinder will also work in a pinch. It is believed that doing this step by hand incorporates the creator's spirit into the final product.

Once all of the ingredients have been ground into a fine powder, they can be combined. At this point, it is a good idea to pull out a pen and paper to write down the exact amount of ingredients in each of the incense recipes. That way they can be recreated at a later date. These ingredients can be combined by hand.

The next step is to add the oils to the powdered mixture. A few drops of the oil will suffice. When using pure essential oils, it is important to never allow direct contact with the skin. The oil will then need to be mixed with the powdered ingredients in a separate bowl. Once again, it is important to measure and keep track of the ingredients used in the incense recipes.

This is all it takes to take individual ingredients to make incense recipes. Once the incense is complete, it is necessary to store the finished product in an airtight container. The finished product is not combustible so it has to be heated on some form of incense burner. This is most often charcoal based. Combining all of these ingredients to create personalized incense recipes is an excellent hobby and also makes wonderful gifts. Incense truly enhances the mind, body, and spirit. Creating your own incense recipes will enhance the experience even more!