Incense Holders Come In Every Conceivable Size And Shape

Regardless of the type of incense you plan to burn, or where, there are incense holders made of virtually every type of material in every size and shape to meet the imagination. From cone holders and hanging incense burners to flat burners for sticks, there are incense holders made of ceramic, glass, wood and stones that will meet the needs and design styles of even the most incriminating taste.

Many are made of rose wood in the form of boxes, with a groove on the bottom into which the ashes can fall, keeping the surface on which is sits clean. There will also be a small hole on onside, often raised, into which the handle end on an incense stick is fitted for burning. Many of this type of incense holders also have a closable lid for when not is use with a cover for storage of additional stick. Most hold about a dozen incense sticks, but can be found to hold more.

The most basic incense holders for sticks simply hold one stick and are relatively inexpensive, often for under three dollars, with more elaborate holders with intricate designs etched into the wood costing considerably more. They are also made of glazed ceramic with detailed scenes painted on them and even some of the most elaborate ones are available for $10 or less.

Cone Incense Holders Offers Greater Flexibility

For burning cones, incense holders can be anything from ceramic and wood elaborately decorated disks, or something as simple as a jar lid. The main requirement is that they do not tip over while being used, and have enough room to hold the ashes of an expended cone. Some of the incense holders for sticks also have a small spot on one end in which a cone can be placed and burned.

When using charcoal or resin incense, the incense holders are larger, having enough room in which a bed of sand or rice ash can be placed to prevent the smoldering charcoal from coming into direct contact with the bottom of the burner. They should also have a removable top through which the aromatic smoke from the incense can escape into the room.

No matter the type of incense being burned it is always recommended to use some sort of incense holders to provide a place for ashes as well as not setting on a flat surface without protection. The smoldering stick may create damage to the surface as well as allowing the incense to burn freely and completely when raised into the air.