The Use of Incense Charcoal

If you have not heard of incense charcoal before, then you should definitely learn about what it is. Incense charcoal actually has a number of different uses, and its most major and typical use is to heat incense woods, chipped incense, and resins. It has been used for centuries in Japan, and now is used worldwide.

One particular method to use the incense charcoal in this way is to place the charcoal itself in a bed of rice chaff ash and then place the incense woods, resins or loose incense around the entire perimeter of the charcoal. You can also even cover the charcoal with ash and then place the incense on top, if you wish.

Different Forms of Incense Charcoal

There are even different forms that you can purchase the incense charcoal in, with one of the most popular being the incense charcoal tablets that are available. They are typically self-igniting, and they are considered as being a must for burning herbal mixes or granular incense. Once a charcoal tablet is lit, they burn extremely clean and they generally last up to about a half hour each.

Using the Incense Charcoal Tablets

There are also incense resins that you can use for these same methods, and it is thought that there is really no better aroma than what you get from these incense resins. The best way to use them is to crush them up in order to make a sort of powder incense and sprinkle them over charcoal tablets.

In order to burn your incense resins, you want to choose your resins, crush them with a mortar and pestal in order to create a powder, and then light the side of the charcoal tablets until you see tiny sparks start to appear. Next you want to place a burning charcoal tablet with the indentation upward in a heat proof container that has sand in the bottom, as this will help to dissipate the heat.

Wait until the sparks completely reach to the other side, and then sprinkle a pinch of powder incense all across the charcoal. You continue to repeat this process until the charcoal goes out, which will be approximately an hour from the time that you first lit it.

You can be incredibly creative with incense charcoal, what with there being so many varieties and options that come along with it, and so you should really take some time, try out some new things, and see what you personally like.