How to Choose the Correct Incense Burners

If you are ready to delve into the world of incense, there are two basic supplies that you will need to purchase first. One is the incense of your choice, and the other is the appropriate incense burner. These accessories can be beautiful pieces for your home, but they also serve a very important purpose in using your incense safely and effectively. For this reason, it is important that you do your homework before purchasing the correct incense burner. The first consideration that you need to make is the type of incense that you want to use, since this choice will determine the type of incense burner that will work best for you.

Cone Incense

If you are interested in burning incense cones in your home, the best burner will probably be a brass burner with a lid that will be able to withstand the heat while it decorates your home. Since incense cones will burn down completely, it is important to find a container that will hold all of the ash and take the heat of the burning process. A brass pot will do the trick in this situation, and if it is properly cared for, it can last you a very long time. The main key in purchasing your incense burner in this case is to make sure that you get one that is large enough. It is best to light the cone prior to placing it in the pot, so make sure that the opening is large enough for your hand to place the cone inside without getting burned. A larger pot will also ensure that the incense will not go out when the lid is placed on the top.

Stick Incense

Stick incense is another popular choice today, and requires a very different type of incense burner than the cone products. The most popular incense burner for sticks is called a boat, and is basically a flat piece of wood that is curved up at one end. This end hosts a small hole that you can place the raw end of the stick into, and the long extension of the incense burner is there to catch the ash as the incense stick burns down. Another popular incense burner for sticks is called a tree, and generally has a number of holes that will hold more than one incense stick at a time. Either of these types of holders will make a good investment if you are planning to use a lot of incense sticks.

Loose Incense

Loose incense is usually burned over a brass pot that functions much like a miniature charcoal grill. Sand is placed in the bottom of the pot, and a small metal screen is set on top of it. Tiny charcoal bricks are set on the screen and lit, and this is where your incense is burned. Keep in mind that this type of incense burner should be used with plenty of ventilation, since the burning process can emit carbon monoxide into the air. Outdoors is the best place to burn loose incense.