Learning About Incense and Oils

If you do not already know about what incense and oils are and what their purposes are, then this is definitely something that you should learn about because it will do you a world of good. They can both be used for a number of different therapeutic and health purposes, and so this is definitely something that everyone should know about for their own well-being.

About Incense and Oils

Incense is basically a preparation of various aromatic organic minerals, made for the intended purpose to release fragrant smoke when it is burned. The scent that is produced by burning incense depends on its particular composition, as there are a variety of different scents that you can choose from.

There are a number of different forms of incense however it can generally be separated into direct burning and indirect burning categories, depending on how it is specifically used. The preference for one form or another basically depends solely on your own culture, tradition, or simply personal taste.

With direct burning incense, this process generally requires little preparation prior to use, and when lit directly by a flame and then fanned out, the glowing ember on the incense will continue to burn away the rest of the incense, without the need for any continuation of heat. Then there is indirect burning, which is simply a combination of aromatic ingredients that are not prepared in any particular way, and this result in leaving it mostly unsuitable for direct combustion of any sort.


Oils are similar to incense in ways but the biggest difference is that oils are in liquid form. They do have the same intoxicating aromatherapy qualities however, and they are used in many of the same ways that the incense are, only oils do not need to be lit in order to release their fragrance, they simply need to be released into the air, or put into water.

Using Incense and Oils Together

Using both incense and oils at the same time can work beautifully, but at the same time you then need to be more careful in terms of which scents you choose, because you do not want the combined aroma to be too overwhelming. Incense and oils can be used together for a variety of different purposes, including for cultural gatherings or personal and home use.

Both have amazingly therapeutic qualities that can help incredibly if you are suffering from stress, depression, or a general malaise, and so it is definitely something that you will want to try out for yourself if you have not before.