You Can Make Your Own Handmade Incense!

The smell of incense is like nothing else. It can inspire different moods by choosing different scents. Handmade incense can brighten a gloomy day and calm a busy mind. The best way to get the perfect scent is to create handmade incense. It is something that anyone can do with the proper tools and instructions.

There are many different forms of handmade incense. It is important to choose which one to make beforehand. The most common form is the incense stick. There are made from special wood, leaves, roots, and gum (an adhesive). Then they are rolled into the stick shape and dipped into the desired scent to create handmade incense.

Easy Ways to Make Handmade Incense at Home

It seems that a lot goes into making handmade incense. It is lucky then that it is possible to buy the incense sticks or incense cones that have not yet been given a scent. This allows anyone to create the scent of their choice without having to deal with all of the hassle of making the incense sticks or cones.

When making handmade incense sticks, it is important to first put on a pair of gloves. The sticks should be placed in a pan with deep sides. The sticks can then be laid down inside and the chosen scented oil can be poured over the sticks. It is necessary to roll the incense sticks in the oil to ensure complete saturation. These should then be laid out to dry. When they are nearly dry, the sticks should be placed in a plastic bag or wrapped in foil to lock in the scent.

When choosing to use cones, gloves are also necessary. The cones should be placed in a zippered plastic bag or other airtight container. Then the oil can be added. It is necessary to shake the container until the incense cone is thoroughly saturated. Once this is done, these handmade incense cones need to also be dried and then stored in a plastic bag just like the incense sticks.

There are many benefits to creating personal handmade incense. It is great to be able to choose scents as well as to experiment with different scents. It is also fun to create handmade incense that has similar scents to handmade candles or soaps. These make exceptional gifts as well. Making handmade incense is a fun and rewarding experience that results in a product that can elicit different moods.