Learning About Your Fragrance Essential Oil Options

Essential oils are highly concentrated natural plant extracts, and a single drop or two can produce incredibly significant results. Essential oils are known as being the life-blood of the plant, and from an entire plant, when distilled only a single drop of essential oil may be produced. This is why their potency is far greater than something such as dried herbs.

When it comes to your fragrance essential oil options, you certainly have many. There are so many options, as a matter of fact, that you just may feel a little overwhelmed. However, if you take the time to learn about the different fragrance essential oil options, then you will be able to get a better general idea as to which you would prefer and which you would not.

This can be incredibly helpful, because if you simply go right out to a fragrance essential oil shop and try to make a decision, it is most likely going to be difficult, particularly if you have no knowledge on the fragrance essential oil issue to begin with.

The Different Fragrance Essential Oil Options

Essential oils are obtained by different methods, with distillation being the most common and familiar, and there are four different types of essential oils, and they are: absolutes vs. concretes, expressed, solvent-extracted, and steam-distilled. The absolutes are considered as being the 'essences', rather than as essential oils, and they are generally obtained from the extraction of a concrete with alcohol.

Expressed oils are pressed from the rind of fruits, including tangerines, grapefruits, lemons, and other similar fruits. Again, technically speaking these are not essential oils, as they are expressed oils but they are highly regarded for their therapeutic purposes nonetheless. Solvent extraction involves the use of oil-soluble solvents, such as hexane, dimethylenechloride, and acetone. Finally, steam distillation is the oldest and most traditional method of extraction.

What happens is that plant material is inserted into a cooking chamber, and steam is passed through it, and then after the steam is collected and condensed, it is then processed through a separator in order to collect the oil. The overall amount of pressure used, the amount of time that the plant material is steamed and the material the steam chamber is constructed of work to contribute to a great deal of the quality of the oil.

Overall it is quite easy to see how beneficial and advantageous a fragrance essential oil can be, and so especially if you are suffering from some type of ailment or illness, you should definitely try these types of products out for yourself.