Burning Cone Incense Recommended In Flat Burner

The name cone incense derives its name from the shape into which dry incense ingredients are pressed. Most of the least expensive types are about a half-inch wide at the bottom, tapering upwards about one inch in a cone shape. Due to its shape, it is recommended that cone incense be burned on a flat burner to prevent the possibility of it rolling off other types of burners.

Hanging incense burners are also good for burning cone incense and the aroma can be quickly diffused throughout a room through the holes in the lid of a hanging burner. There are also sources for larger cones of up to three-inch diameter at the base and up to four-inches tall, but the length of the burning process make them not compatible with home use. Cones should be allowed to smolder until completely used as they are difficult to extinguish without ruining the cone incense.

There are many uses for incense other than the obvious of making the home smell good. Because of the essential oils used in cone incense they are also used in aromatherapy. Using cone incense allows them to be placed around a room in which a person is seated or even having a massage or taking a bath, to help supplement the aroma from massage oils or candles.

Aromatherapy Use Dates Back Centuries

The use of aromatics has a long history and the use of essential oils is mentioned in many ancient texts. As technologies changed or emerged, chemical substitutes for the oils were developed making them less expensive and, according to some, less effective. Many of the aromas being used for incense today, were created by the perfume industry and their use continues to provide similar scents as essential oils without the price tag.

However, using cone incense for aromatherapy usually involves using those made with essential oils and not artificial aromatics. Those who practice aromatherapy claim the oils offer a more highly concentrated for of aroma, provided for better healing. Aromatherapy is most commonly used for relaxation and stress relief, although many also use it for pain and the relief of discomfort.

While the use of incense sticks provide essentially the same benefits as cone incense, cones are used in a flat holder which gathers the ashes in one place as opposed to leaving a trail of ashes under the stick as it smolders away. Additionally, cones placed in a hanging burner can be easily moved to areas to provide more exposure to the smoke.