Bottle Incense Burners Keep Ashes Safely Enclosed

One of the most unique designs for using incense without the mess of ashes are bottle incense burners which allow the sticks to burn from the bottom up, leaving the ashes in the bottle as it goes. Occasionally, regardless how careful a person may be, loose ashes in a tray style incenses burn can be blown around the room by an unexpected breeze or knocked over onto the tabletop, leaving a mess with the ashes. By using bottle incense burners the ashes are confined and stay put until the user empties the ashes from the bottom of the bottle.

Almost all bottle incense burners have designs cut into the sides of the bottle for appearance as well as providing an escape route for the aromatic smoke rising from the burning incense. Ideally, bottle incense burners will be equipped with a small ring, pliers or tweezers with which to hold the incense while it is being lit. Once the flame is put out and the stick is smoldering, it can be set on the bottom with the non-burning end pointing up.

As the stick slowly smolders, the ashes are accumulated at the bottom of the bottle. Shaking bottle incense burners occasionally, prevents a ledge from building up on the bottom, which if allowed to become deep enough, could smother subsequent sticks and prevent them from burning.

Making Your Own Bottle Incense Burners

For those reluctant to spend money on bottle incense burners, it is possible to make your own from just about any type of bottle. However, unless you have the tools and expertise to drill holes in glass or ceramic, having someone else do it for you is recommended. Choosing the bottle with a minimum of a once-inch opening at the top, and at least as tall as the incense sticks planned to be burner, is the first step.

The bottle is then marked with at least two holes, at different levels, on each side of the bottle. Using a high-speed rotary tool with a diamond, glass-cutting bit, the holes can be drilled at the predetermined locations. Do not hold the bottle in the hand while drilling as frequently when drilling the bottle could break, cutting the hand with the glass or sending the drill bit into the palm.

Once all the holes have been drilled, shake out all the glass dust from drilling and carefully wipe the outside with a damp paper towel and dispose of it properly to prevent the unintended use of the towel containing fragments. Using a pair of needle-nosed pliers, it is ready to be used to burn incense. Homemade bottle incense burners can also be painted or decorated to fit the user's mood or decorations.