The Popularity of Bamboo Incense Sticks

Although incense originated in a number of different cultures, it has become increasingly popular in the United States as a means of aromatherapy, and simply as a way to make homes smell good. One of the most popular types of incense that is used in this country today is the bamboo incense sticks that are sold in abundance in all types of stores and shops across the country. Some are fairly high quality incense offerings, while others are not going to give you the best aroma or the cleanest burning. It is important to know what to look for in your incense sticks, so that you can buy the best incense for your money.

How Bamboo Incense Sticks are Made

Bamboo incense sticks are often made by soaking a bamboo stick in oil. In this case, the oil that is used is often synthetic in nature, and will not give you the cleanest burn or the most pleasing fragrance. However, these are often some of the least expensive incense choices on the market, and these types of bamboo incense sticks are also fairly easy to make at home. Simply soak the ends of your sticks in the fragrance oil of your choice, and then burn in an appropriate incense burner.

Another way to make bamboo incense sticks is to roll the loose incense around a bamboo stick. This is the less common method of creating these types of incense sticks, but can be quite effective, particularly if the incense used is natural and of high quality. Some incense is too delicate to stand on its own, and therefore the stick can come in quite handy. On the other hand, some bamboo incense sticks are made by inserting a bamboo stick into a cylinder of rolled incense. This type of bamboo incense stick can be easy to use, although the stick might actually hinder a good burning of the incense in some cases.

If you are interested in purchasing bamboo incense sticks, look for products that are natural rather than synthetic. This will ensure that you get a nice, clean burn from your bamboo incense sticks and the most aromatic fragrance. Select a fragrance based on the purpose that you want your incense to achieve. For example, use saffron to induce sleep, sandalwood or cinnamon for relaxation and musk for a romantic atmosphere. Make sure that you use a burner that is designed for use with bamboo incense sticks for safety and effectiveness in burning your incense. Then light up, and enjoy the wonderful qualities that your incense sticks can offer.