Fitness and Wellness: Learning All About Incense And Aromatherapy

If you want to know all about incense and how it came to be used as part of aromatherapy, you need to delve deeper into the history of the incense. To learn more about the history of the uses of the incense, your can just go online and launch a search. Simply type "all about incense" in search page to get some leads

History Of The Uses Of Incense

Humans have been using incense since the dawn of time that it you really need to learn all about incense, you need to be familiar with different cultural practices and traditions. Studies have shown that incense have been used in connection with sacred rituals in the past. Our ancestors used incense as part of their offerings to the Gods. It was their strong belief that the smoke from burning incense can reach up into heaven and serve as a message of offering to the Gods.

On the other hand, studies concerning all about incense show that burning of incense is an important part in healing the sick. According to historians, our ancestors used to burn incense to drive off evil spirits. Many in the past believed that the scent of the incense can help cast off evil spirits and help heal the body of a sick person. In our modern times, there are still some ethnic groups and tribes in some remote areas of the world that are still practicing rituals in healing the sick.

How Aromatherapy Started

People who know all about incense say that the burning of incense to drive off evils from the body in the olden times can be considered as the early form of aromatherapy. Although our ancestors did not really know it, they were actually giving their sick a form of aromatherapy that produces physical and psychological healing. The scent from the burning incense can stimulate the olfactory nerves of the body and help the body relax. As the body relaxes, the immune system slowly recovers and strengthens. From there on, a chain of bodily reactions occur. Note that a strong immune system fights diseases better so the sick person will recover faster if his or her immunity system is stimulated and strengthened.

In our modern times, aromatherapy is still very much popular not as a way to drive off evil spirits but as a way to relax the body and promote a sense of well-being. There are many spas and wellness centers all over the world that uses aromatherapy to help relieve their clients of stress and anxiety. In most cases, aromatherapy with the use of incense is combines with other forms of treatments such as massage and other forms of treatments.