The Health Benefits of Hot Tubs

Are you considering a home hot tub? There's probably no feeling in the world like slipping into the warm and soothing waters, turning up the jets, and feeling the bubbles envelope you. Your tired muscles relax as tensions seem to melt away.

This is no accident or coincidence. It's been shown that there are many therapeutic and health benefits to hot tubs. And this isn't just for those who are athletes or who are suffering from an injury or ailment; these benefits are there for everyone.

For one thing, when you're submerged in water, you lose about 80%-90% of your body weight. Anyone with back or joint problems can tell you that even when you're sitting, your body is still working hard to support itself. But in a hot tub, your joints and muscles are relieves of much of that pressure. Many people with arthritis and back problems appreciate being in water for just that reason.

Because the water in a hot tub is warm, this causes your blood pressure to rise as the heart works harder to pump blood to the surface of your body, where it is cooled. This also means that blood is being pushed deep into your muscles, which helps them to relax and heal. A hot tub is like a self-massage from within. This also helps with flexibility and agility. There are good reasons why most professional sports arenas have hot tubs in their locker rooms, and it's not just for fun!

And because you start to sweat in a hot tub, you also get rid of many toxins through your perspiration.

The warmth of the water also helps those who have poor blood circulation and who find that their extremities (fingers and toes) are always cold. Being in a hot tub helps to warm up these areas of their body. Not only does this feel great, it can also help to relax them and help them to sleep.

Hot tubs are also great for the entire family. Many have found that while it's sometimes impossible to get everyone to eat dinner at the same time or watch the same television shows together, everyone loves the hot tub! Family conversations get started and everyone feels closer, young and old alike. So it seems as if there is no end to the therapeutic and health benefits of owning a hot tub!