The Use of Miniature Horses Today

Horses have been an important part of human's lives since the very beginning assisting with transportation, sports and entertainment. Different types of horses have been put at use for different purposes such as, thoroughbred horses are used for racing, other are still used from transportation of humans and goods and the miniature horses are used as guides.

Why Some Prefer Miniature Horses to Dogs as Guides

Dogs have always been used and still are being used as guides for ailing people and/or children with different handicaps. However, since 1999 miniature horses have replaced many of the dogs for several reasons and they are: some suffer from allergies from the dog's hair and some develop an allergy in due course from the dog's hair; some love horses and therefore prefer them to dogs and others find horses to be stronger and more reliable in that field in case of need. Another very important factor that miniature horses have that dogs don't is a longer life span and that too adds to its advantage in work performance.

Why Should One Use Miniature Horses as Guide Help?

Those who understand their behavior and/or love horses should use miniature horses. Those who are physically and mentally challenged can benefit from miniature horses, as they are very obedient and docile especially when trained to help as guides.

Both children and adults enjoy the presence of such an intelligent animal such as a horse for they understand and feel the state of humans and thus, act accordingly. Horses are natural born guides and therefore it is in their instinct to do this job well; this is one of the prime reasons why miniature horses were brought in this field to start with.

Miniature horses are not as expensive as the other types of horses and also easier to maintain. Horses are known for their memory and vision, horses can see almost clearly in complete darkness, which again is an important factor when trained to be a guide.

Helpful Tip

Miniature horses can easily be kept in the house; they are clean and learn quickly where and how things are placed. The only thing that may affect the house cleanliness is the horses do attract fleas but with the right treatment you can almost always ensure that your miniature horse is safe and healthy. Horses were and will always be of great help to humans in one way or the other and this latest development only goes to prove that there will always be a special place for them in our lives.