How to Maintain your Horse's Stable

Having a horse is a great joy but also a great responsibility as well. You will require having the basic knowledge of how to keep your horse healthy and safe when you are riding it but also when it is in its stable.

The Horse's Stable

The first decision you will have to make is whether you wish to build and maintain a horse stable as there usually are available horse stables maintained by professionals where you can house your horse as well. However, if that is not applicable in your case and/or you already have a horse stable all you need to do is learn how to care for it effectively.

Depending on how many horses you have you will need to make available the required space for the same. Remember that a horse needs space in order to move or sleep comfortably and a larger space than necessary is always wise rather than the opposite. Cleanliness is one of the most important factors in order to keep your horse healthy especially where you serve him or her the meals and provide the water. Cleaning should be done with regularity in order to avoid unhealthy environment, which can create parasites and other such diseases for your horse.

The horse stables should be well protected against the weather conditions such as rain, wind, snow as well as be provided with a secure fence which will keep other wild animals out and your horse safe at all times. For the winter time especially ensure that your horse is provided with warm place to rest and sleep; there are a number of items available today on the market that is dedicated for a horse's sleep needs.

Helpful Tips

Keep your horse stables well lit as horses prefer light to complete darkness and that will also keep away small animals. Ensure you have proper ventilation as well for provide your horse with fresh, clean air at all times; stale air can cause a number of diseases to your horse and you as well should you both be exposed to inhaling it for long periods of time.

If you cannot manage to clean the stables everyday, ensure that you hire some professional help at least every couple of days to help and provide you with the best ways to keep your horse stables clean and your horse healthy.