A Few Basic yet Critical Maintenance Rules for a Horse Stable

The moment you have decided to have a horse, you should give a serious thought to the horse stable, the place where the horse will be housed. Horses are clean animals and will need a lot of attention and comfort to stay in the pink of their health. Hence, you will need to pay careful attention to all the details that go into the making and maintaining of a horse stable even before the horse arrives on your property.

The Basic Requirements of a Horse Stable

There will be many factors that will be needed for a horse stable to qualify as healthy and comfortable living place. The most important are briefly described below:

Space and Light

Horses are large animals and they will need a lot of space and adequate light in their stables as they do not like to be too much restrained or in the dark. A good stable should measure at least 400 square feet per horse. Horses who are subjected to restricted and tightly closed areas are liable to fall prey to sickness faster than horses that enjoy a comfortable living area. Darkness too, has an awful impact on the behavior of the horse. It has been observed that horses usually become aggressive and uncooperative if kept in dark and small places for long.


This is one of the most critical aspects in the maintenance of a horse stable. You should take extreme care that the horse stable should not become a haven for parasites, dust and molds as these are very harmful to the horse. The stable should also be equipped with an especially good drainage system so the feces and urine can be removed effortlessly.


It is very important to have the horse stable well ventilated. Closed air breeds dust mites, mold and other unpleasant organisms which can play havoc with the health of your horse. If you want your horse to live a long and healthy life, you should ensure that its stable is exceptionally well aired and clean.

Adequate Bedding

The horse stable should be equipped with warm and comfortable bedding. Unless the horse is rested well and happy where it stays, it will not settle down not will it heed to any training. This is why it would always be good to ensure that the horse stable has soft and comfortable bedding. The horse bedding that is available in the market is quite comfortable, however, you will have to check however whether it can give the adequate support to the horse or not.