Horse Riding Is Physically Demanding

There are many people who love to spend time in the country horse riding, even though they may not own their own horse. However, what many people do not realize are the physical demands involved in horse riding.

Getting on the horse is the first step to horse riding and can be quite a trick for the new riders and unless the horse is relatively calm, can be downright hard. Typically, you would approach the horse on the left side and place your left foot in the stirrup. You would then grasp the horn of the saddle with one or both hands, pulling your self up and at the same time swinging your right leg up and over the horse until you are seated in the saddle.

Some prefer to go bareback horse riding and have the muscle tone and control required for it. Getting on the horse is obviously different since there is no saddle or stirrups. One way is to take a few rapid steps towards the left side of the horse and jump. Grasping in horse's mane in both hands for support and while the momentum from the jump is still evident, pull yourself up, again swinging your right leg up and over the horse and into a sitting position.

The preferred method of mounting a horse is to have fence or box beside the horse high enough to be able to slide onto the horse's back. This is better on the horse as well the rider. Some bareback horse riding is done with the padding of a wool blanket or sheepskin. This is highly recommended if the horse is older or with slightly malnutrition with bones showing through its back.

First Time Can Take a Toll

When you go for your first time horse riding you will want to be with an experienced person as new riders can sometimes cause a horse to be uncooperative. They may be herd animals and be able to forge a good relationship with people but if there is something unfamiliar going on, they do not like they can become contrary.

Should something startle them they may decide to return to their barn, with or without your guidance or permission. That is where someone with experience and with whom the horse is familiar can help calm the animal down. Horse riding uses several muscles to stay upright, especially legs and stomach muscles and they will feel it when you are done.