Operation Horse Rescue

Horses are very intelligent animals with almost human like feelings, senses and reactions. Human beings have used horses since the beginning of time for various purposes such as transportation, which was in fact the only way of transportation from one point to the other at one time for both humans and goods alike. Horses were used for sports and entertainment as well as in different types of jobs such as the police force.

It is hard to believe that human beings, will turn around and actually hurt horses on purpose. Let us see how that is possible and what you can do in order to help in a horse rescue operation.

Horse Rescue Operation

Many horse breeders today use a very cruel practice of hiring a nurse mare in order to bring up a thoroughbred foal for horse racing purposes and they will go to any lengths in order to achieve that goal as there is tremendous amounts of money in this industry.

The usual process goes as follows: in order to have a nurse mare just for her milk supply she will need to have a foal of her own and activate her mammary glands in the process. However, once she has delivered her foal she is sent away to provide the milk to the thoroughbred foal. You are wondering why are they not using the mother of the said foal for the supply of the milk for the same, here is yet another act which is done for the purpose of profit alone.

A thoroughbred mare needs to be sent for rebreeding within the next week or two after she has given birth to her foal and that requires that she be taken away from her new born. While a nurse mare is being supplied to the thoroughbred foal, the foal that the nurse mare delivered is simply left to die or sold for their skin or meat usage.

A Helping Hand for Horse Rescue

There are organizations that are dedicated to help these foals by buying them and bringing them up as best as they can and then finding them a family who will love and cherish them for what they are and the happiness and joy they can provide when given a chance.

You too can help in a horse rescue operation at any time with anything you can, whether it is money, taking care of the foals or even finding the horses a home. Any help is welcome at any point. To look up details of these horse rescuing organizations go online and read for yourself how you can help save a horse life today.