Horse Matting: The Stable Mat and Other Products

A horse matting product that was originally manufactured in Canada and is now widely used in America as well, is known as the Stable Mat. The benefits of this horse matting are protection, insulation as well as real savings on time and bedding. This horse matting item is very suited for use in a stable, on horsewalkers, washboxes as well as for transportation and the horse matting is very effective, durable as well as value for money.

It is important to properly install the horse matting and a tightly fit set of mats should have seams narrow enough so that they quickly pack as well as self-seal. These results in the horse's urine to stay on top and thus gives the bedding time to absorb it. Even in the event that some amount of urine seeps into the mattress there would not be any odor problems due to the fact that urine only turns to ammonia when it is exposed to air.

Disperses Urine and Water

Another benefit that this horse matting product gives to the buyer is that the raised surface of this product disperses urine or water and also allows good contact for the mat with the hoof and it also does not hinder the easy movement of a fork or shovel anywhere on the stable floor. In addition, the horse matting will also benefit the horse because a softer as well as resilient floor makes it easier for the horse to stand as well as causes less strain on the backs, hips and stifles of the horse. By not having excessive contact with concrete it makes for less wear on the shoes and is also good for the hocks and knees of the horse.

Whichever horse matting one chooses, it should provide for total equine comfort, reduce stock-up and eliminate hock sores. Other desirable features include speed recovery time, reducing bacteria buildup and also it should totally remove the wet spots and also reduce dust. There are also traction as well as horse security to be considered in the horse matting products and one would require horse matting that offer non-slip footing and also stay in place. Coconut matting or coir matting which is made out of husk of the coconut is quite light in weight and is also easy to handle and should be considered when buying horse matting.