What Are the Issues Related to Constructing a Horse farm?

Every site is unique, be it a one acre or a hundred acre horse farm and how it is built depends on the qualities and purpose for which it is intended to be used. One may however, have a lot of questions that need to be answered regarding a horse farm and it really does not matter whether a single person with a single horse or a breeder with a herd of breeding stock or a casual trail rider wants it.

There are several issues that need to be addressed when building or remodeling the horse farm to best suit individual requirements of the horse or horses. Thus, it is of utmost importance to begin by keeping the end uppermost in mind and this would include placement of the buildings, prioritizing the improvements so that they meet the budget constraints as well as schedule goals and deciding what facilities to have. All of this requires a fair bit of planning as well as soul searching.

Good Planning and a Lot of Soul Searching Is Essential

There is much to be taken into consideration when planning on having a horse farm and the difference between one that functions well and one that does not can be attributed to the level of detailing that goes into making of the horse farm. Anyway, in almost all cases, the construction project can be broken down into three main components which are time, money as well as quality.

The first thing to do when getting started on a horse farm is to prioritize these components to suit individual needs. When emphasizing quality one may need to compromise on time and money and what is most important is that there should not be any compromise made on the safety, health as well as well being of the horse. Other important considerations include equestrian facility planning as well as design considerations, fencing, access roads, utilities such as water and power, land clearing, site layout, paddocks, sacrifice areas, pastures, horse diet, boarding and other general construction issues.

There are other considerations to be taken into account when planning a horse farm and these include barn types, stall size, living in the barn and barn construction issues such as general construction issues, barn lumber selection, ventilation, electrical wing, roofing, stall construction, hardware, aisle flooring, and stall flooring.

The horse farm will also require outbuildings for utilities, storage of hay, loafing sheds and round pens. The budget would address schedules, general costs, hiring a contractor or doing it on one's own and also keep in mind maintenance issues such as making barn life easier, chewing, paddocks and equipment.