The Most Romantic Rides of All is Still a Horse Carriage

Memories are special because of what we do and with whom not because of where we go and for what period of time. Any event or day can be made special with just a little special attention to detail. For example, bringing a bouquet of flowers will have a tremendous affect on the receiver especially when the gesture is done for no reason at all.

Go Back In Time and Be Romantic

There are a million things one can do to make a day, evening or even just a few hours romantic and one such gesture can be of inviting your better half to a horse carriage ride. There are places that rent out horse carriages for special occasions such as marriages, anniversaries, birthdays and even funerals; something about a horse carriage is elegant, sophisticated and yet very original and romantic.

Many cities have available on daily basis horse carriages for a ride in the park such as in New York and other places provide only horse carriage to get around such as the Mackinac Island in Michigan. You can pick your place depending on where you plan a vacation or a weekend getaway.

A Brief History of Carriages

The wealthy royal families used carriages as far back as the 16th century, as the rest used walking for traveling from one place to the other. In due course they developed and became more popular but also stylish and elegant. Depending on the status of a family and its riches the more carriages they would posses for different occasions as well as the number of the horses pulling them.

There were horse carriages specially designed for war purposes, balls, families and some just to display the wealth of a family - something like what people do today with cars. In time, as cars started to be manufactured, horse carriages were used less and less but have still always been available in order for us to go back in time and once again be simple and romantic.

Helpful Tip

If you are planning a horse carriage ride for a special event you can decorate it inside as you like as well as make available a bottle of champagne and many, many flowers. It will be times you will always cherish and remember with fondness. Get creative and with the help of a beautiful carriage, you'll be a sure winner in no time at all.