How Horse Care Can Help You Bond

Everyone knows that the easiest way to connect with your horse is by interacting with it directly for as much time as you find possible. Horses are very intelligent animals capable of demonstrating a lot of love and deep bonding. It is commonly known that there are two animals out of all those domesticated ones till date, that are totally and unequivocally faithful to humans, i.e. dogs and horses. There are plenty of stories and legends to reinforce that totally reinforce this belief.

What Qualifies as Horse Care?

Horse care is basically what you do to see that the animal is comfortable both mentally and physically. Anything and everything that contributes to the well being of the horse will qualify as horse care. Horses are really majestic animals that can leave you breathless with their wild and carefree beauty. Before the domestication, the horse was a proud animal that always groomed itself to perfection. Even today, wild horses are always well groomed and good looking. While the wild horse learns from instinct how to take care if itself, the domesticated counterpart is heavily dependent on humans for its overall sprucing.

This is why it becomes the duty of the master to groom, exercise, feed, check and change when necessary its horse shoes, and so on. All these are part of the regular horse care that is due to the horse on a daily basis. The horse's health and well being will depend on how and how much care it receives from its owners. These animals are very sensitive and respond surprisingly well to love and affection. This is why the most critical ingredient of horse care is love and attention.

You may like to appoint a stable groom for cleaning, combing and sponging your horse. He can even feed the horse; however, if you want to really bond with the horse, you should keep some time apart for it every day to interact with it. You should walk with it, ride it, exercise it, or simply sit and talk with it. Like dogs, horses love to be in the company of man and actively seek it. Being with it is the best way to bond with your horse.

It has often been observed that horses that live in isolation becomes aggressive and uncooperative. However, the moment someone talks with them is soft tunes and pay loving attention to them they instantly respond to the love shown. This totally proves that horses need to be loved in order to stay healthy.