The Solo Acres Horse Boarding Stable

There are many horse boarding stables in the United States that can provide excellent, worry-free care for the horse and one such horse boarding stable is the Solo Acres Boarding Stable which is located in the rural community of Sebastopol situated in beautiful Sonoma County, North California. This is a small horse boarding stable and it offers personalized attention to the boarders as well as to their owners. For more than 18 years, Solo Acres Boarding Stable has given a clean and safe as well as friendly environment to the horse owner that can discriminate the good from the average.

Features Include Health and Safety

The features of this horse boarding stable includes twice daily feeding of the boarder with quality alfalfa hay as well as orchard grass hay that may be used instead of alfalfa and which would cost US$15 extra for feeding in the mornings per month. The portions are geared to meet each individual horse's needs and if the owner so wishes, there can also be given special supplements with no extra service charge. As far as the health and safety of the horses are concerned, this horse boarding stable has salt blocks furnished and because horses ought to eat in a natural, head-down position each and every manger has been built keeping this in mind and mats have been installed beneath the mangers to enable the horse to not eat off the dirt.

The outdoor water troughs are cleaned regularly and automatic stall waterers are also checked often. The fencing around the horse boarding stable is such that the horse may not be able to scale it and there are also four rail board fencing which are hot-wired to obtain maximum safety. In addition, the fences and facilities are kept in good condition and there is a gate for the barn access driveway and all boarders have round the clock access to the facilities and the gate opener is fully automatic.

For shavings there is a mix of small as well as medium grade to reduce dust and still retain absorbency. The horses that are boarded need to get yearly inoculations as well as rabies shots and there are super sturdy hitch posts with mats that are used all across the ranch and rubber mats are used to cover work area floors.


The rates for stalls are US$315 per month and horses in other stalls have a private and huge paddock where they can be turned out during the day and blanketing is also available for another $25 per month.