The Beauty of a Black Horse

Horses are known for their grace, beauty and intelligence. However, as the white horse is always associated with fairy tales and the handsome prince charming, the black horse is always associated with elegance and sophistication. Many prefer or choose a black horse because it reflects a more distinct and sleek silhouette than that of a regular horse.

The Symbol of the Black Horse

A black horse is not only associated with beauty but also with power. Back in the times when warriors used to ride horses at war, their leaders would almost always ride a black horse to display their power. Today even though we don't ride horses for the same reason some will ride black horses only to display power and confidence.

Horses are beautiful and sleek and even more so when they are totally black. There was even a television series made on such a topic called 'The Black Beauty' referring to a black horse that was trained and very intelligent performing unusual things all the time. Animals have always played a great role in our lives, especially dogs, cats and horses that have always been around helping and assisting humans in one way of the other.

A Friend for Life

Horses just like dogs are considered extremely loyal as well as capable of great feelings and emotions. Many times if something happens to the owner of a horse the horse will suffer intensely and even die of heart trouble in some cases.

Back in the days when most traveling was done with the help of horses, there were cases where the owner would suffer a stroke and die on the way; a horse would never leave the side of the owner for any reason what so ever. Horses, just like dogs have been known to die at the side of the master but not leave them in time of need.

This type of behavior makes these animals (dogs and horses) very close to humans and in turn we love and respect them for their loyalty and intelligence. Everyone has had a dog in their lifetime if not a horse but those who have had a horse have experienced a great companion and friend like no other.

Helpful Tip

Having a horse is not as easy as having a dog; they are not only large but also demand a lot more maintenance than a smaller animal does. It is important you have the necessary space and time to dedicate to a horse in order to treat him or her the way you should and that is with love and respect.