Natural Hormone Synergy

Hormones are chemicals made by glands in the body. These chemicals or natural hormones help regulate and control the functions of various organs, muscles and cells in the human biological system. They work alone and in combination with others helping to control and regulate the basics our life functions. Such glands as the thyroid, pituitary, adrenals, pancreas, ovaries and the testes secrete natural hormones that are coded to direct living processes.

Natural hormones help our bodies decide their male or female identities, balance and stabilize sugars, as well as regulate our heartbeats and breathing patterns. When natural hormones are out of balance they can actually make you ill or cause death. If the thyroid hormones are not regulated they can affect your entire body including heart rate, weight, stress level and many other things.

Types Of Hormones

Our complex human body's natural hormones are designed to regulate our organic system's requirements. Each person is different and their hormone level will vary according to what their needs are. For example the ovaries in women secrete two types of chemicals estradoil and estrone. These natural hormones work together giving women their periods and helping regulate their systems for child birth.

These female hormones naturally decrease as women get older or go through 'the change or life' or menopause. During menopause a woman may experience uncomfortable symptoms such as mood swings and hot flashes due to her body's lack of their natural female hormones. At that time women may decide to take natural hormone supplements or synthetic hormones. There are side affects of adding extra hormones to the body so it is important that anyone wishing to supplement their body's natural hormones talk with a health specialist first.

The pancreas is a gland that is part of the human digestive system. One of the functions of the pancreas is to secret the natural hormone insulin. Insulin is vital to our body's performance as it helps balance its sugar levels. Sugars are what our bodies run on and the regulation of insulin is vital to our well being. An imbalance of insulin production can lead to diabetes which is one of the leading causes of death in this country. Some studies have shown that diabetes is becoming epidemic. Balance of the natural hormone insulin is important but there are synthetic insulin tablets and shots that can help people with diabetes.

The human body is a fabulous piece of machinery. All the major functions of or bodies processes are regulated by hormones. Because hormones are vital, science has found ways to manufacture hormones to help those whose bodies do not create the amount that they need in most cases.