Maintaining A Natural Hormone Balance

The human body's endocrine system is responsible for helping to maintain a normal hormone balance. The endocrine system is regulates most of the operations that take place in our bodies. The endocrine system consists of such glands as the pituitary, ovaries, pancreas and thyroid. These glands secrete chemicals that control our systems. These chemicals work to create an individual natural hormone balance. The hormones work singularly, in combination with other hormones or with the nervous system to do the job. Sometimes the human body is incapable of maintaining a normal hormone balance. Some of the glands which secrete hormones may not be working properly. Injury or illness may have suppressed the glands ability to work properly or in the case of women and the hormone estrogen, as the female ages the body makes less of the chemicals which regulate female sexual characteristics. In other cases of impaired hormone productions the immune system may be have been compromised.

In the cases of improper natural hormone balance the doctor may recommend taking supplements or hormone replacements. In some cases such as with diabetes there is little choice at times with whether or not to take synthetic hormones or insulin. Insulin is a chemical the body must have. However with the hormone estrogen taking hormone replacements has been shown in to relieve some of the problematic symptoms but studies have shown that replacement estrogen adds other health risks such as heart disease, stroke or bone problems. If your body is not able to maintain its natural hormone balance on its own it is vital to become educated on all the options available as well as the dangers of the options you may choose.

Ways To Regulate The Body's Hormones

One of the major ways to regulate the body's natural hormone balance is to work on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If there are no overt problems with your glands the most important step to maintain natural hormone balance is to take care of your self. It sounds simple but in today's busy lifestyles with easy access fast food and high stress workloads it is not quite as easy as it sounds.

The first step would be eating healthy. Some say to eat a balanced diet with ample fresh or organic vegetables favoring in particular greens such as broccoli, and spinach. Eat plenty of fresh fruit, drink water, and avoid excessive carbohydrates, caffeine, sugars and the like.

Stress reduction is important as well for it can put pressure on the entire organic system. Watching when you sleep, work or play and maintaining a balance in your life style hardly seems like major medicine but it is. Just these simple changes can make a tremendous difference in your overall mood, health and natural hormone balance.

In some cases it will be necessary to supplement the body's natural hormone balance with either natural or synthetic hormones. There are many on the market and as with all your health care needs it is vital to speak with a specialist on what is the best for you.