Investigating Human Growth Hormone Dangers

There is considerable controversy on the dangers of human growth hormone usage. Growth hormones in the past have been used to treat individuals who had metabolic problems with their bodies' abilities to grow. In today's modern world many individuals have began to use human growth hormones for such things as aging and maintaining of youth as well achieving strategic goals with their bodies. For example many athletes have been said to use it to enhance their performances despite the dangers of human growth hormone usage.

Human growth hormone is a chemical secreted by the pituitary gland. This hormone regulates the growth rate of the human body and of cells. Naturally the bodies of most people secrete this hormone over a certain amount of time. At some point the body begins to make less this causes aging. For some people their bodies never make enough of the hormone. Now there could be said to be a fad or desire to use human growth hormone as a supplement to fight many real or superficial ailments.

Risks Of Using The Hormone

As with any chemical added to the body their can be significant danger in human growth hormones. In the past children with the pituitary deficiency that required them to need the growth hormone had certain risks. Dangers of human growth hormone in children were joint and hip pain including carpal tunnel syndrome. Some have connected the hormone to pancreatic problems. Many children experienced the side effect of fluid retention.

Other dangers of human growth hormone include a risks of diabetes, changes in the bone structure of the face and increased risks of colon cancer and leukemia. The percentages of these risks and correlation of whom and how they affect the individuals involved are still being evaluated.

In others beside children human growth hormone has been used to treat such things as burns, chronic pain and complications of AIDS. It has been shown to be beneficial in treating some of these conditions. Nonetheless there are dangers of human growth hormone though doctors who treat children with a deficiency say the risks are worth it to help the individuals involved.

As with any treatment that is taken without the advice of regular doctor advice the danger of human growth hormone treatment increases variably. Due to the nature of this hormone and the fact that many self medicate themselves or purchased the hormone from out of the country of unknown sources can increase problems substantially.

It is advisable that a physician is involved to avoid the dangers of human growth hormone. There is a wide variety of information available on the subject to keep you informed.