Origin Of The Honeymoon Tradition

There are many stories and traditional beliefs from which the word and the tradition honeymoon could have originated. Most of the supposed origins of this longstanding tradition are from Europe and go back several centuries. There are many conflicting theories of where the term and the tradition started but today most of the local terms for honeymoon refer to the drink which the newly weds are supposed to indulge in for a month in order to encourage fertility and harmony.

Norse Origins

It is said that in Norse tradition, the concept of a honeymoon getaway originated from the practice of some tribes of kidnapping girls from neighboring tribes for their brides and hiding them until her family gives up searching for her or until she has fallen pregnant. When either of the two conditions occurs, the abductor then brings the girl out from hiding and formalizes the wedding in his own tribe or village.

Great Britain

In parts of Great Britain, the term honeymoon could have originated from the tradition of some tribes' newlyweds drinking mead (a drink made with honey) for a whole month after the wedding. The word honey is derived from the mead and the word moon from the whole month (moon cycle) or the monthly cycle of the woman.

Another reference to the honeymoon is the waning of lovers' love after a month of bliss. Although this reference is a very cynical approach to the honeymoon we have today, some people accord this reference as one of the origins but it has somehow changed from a negative aspect to a positive one.

Honeymoon Today

Today, a honeymoon usually refers to the period of time right after the wedding that the newlyweds spend on their own. It could be spent overseas or just in seclusion without any influence from family or friends. The honeymoon period is usually the time that the couple leaves their worries behind and indulge in getting to know each other better and planning a family.

Most couples spend their honeymoon in romantic places that are far from their usual haunts. Preference of the couple plays a large role in picking the place to honeymoon. While some prefer a tropical honeymoon full of warm beaches and salty seas, others like the idea of a snow paradise where they can cuddle with each other by a warm fireplace. Some just spend it in their home taking a break from work and other daily activities.