Choosing Classical Education Home School

There are many reasons for homeschooling your children, the main reason that parents choose home school because the educational institutions available to them do not fully serve their child's needs. There are many different ways to go about homeschooling your child but one option is gaining a revival.

The classical education for home school is beginning to be very popular amongst parents, particularly parents who wish to give their children a Christian education. The classical education for home school is constructed according to how children learn best. It is for this reason that it has produced so many great thinkers. There are many myths attached to this type of education but they are simply untrue.

A Brief Outlines

Classical education for home school starts when a child is in kindergarten and can be used even for high school home education. Until a child is in 7 or 8 they have a great capacity for memorizing, children at this age like repeating rhymes, and songs; this ability is harnessed and this will help for the later stages of a classical education in home school.

From grades 9 onwards a child needs to learn how to speak and think independently. This is nurtured with critical thinking and logic. In high school children learning from the classical education in home school learn how to communicate, and to assess their impression on others.


There are many myths about classical education for home school; a large part of the myth is that this kind of education is no longer relevant. This often comes from people who believe that the world has advanced beyond the classical education for home school. The truth is that the foundation of classical education for home school is invaluable no matter what the day and age.

Instead of merely memorizing, children learn how to apply, analyze, and communicate the facts taught to them in the classroom. This is a fundamental set of skills that a modern education often does not provide. Many young people lack the skills to have a proper discussion or argument based on logic and rhetoric.

Another part of the myth about classical education for home school is that it is outdated. The truth is that if you look at modern education various methods have been tried, tested, and then scrapped. Anything traditional seems backward and ineffective when the truth is this method of educating young minds worked for years. A classical education will equip any child well for life in the modern world.