Home Theater Systems - What Is Available

Home theater systems can be bought one piece at a time or you can purchase a complete system which includes a DVD player, speakers, and a receiver. You will find many brands and many prices.

Complete home theater systems contain everything you need to turn your TV room into your own private theater. Some systems can be configured to adapt to any size room and most systems will support up to seven surround speakers. Some of the smaller systems will need some type modification to support this many speakers.

Purchasing a high powered receiver will greatly enhance your theater experience. High quality audio equipment, along with high quality speakers sometimes come with a high price tag but the experience they provide is usually worth the price.

Looking At The Components Of Home Theater Systems

The receiver is the component which receives the signals from other devices such as a DVD player or VCR. It then amplifies these signals and sends them to your TV and your speakers. Many receivers will come with speakers which you can add to your home theater room.

Surround sound is one of the benefits most people look for when buying a home theater system. Surround sound is what turns your ordinary television into a fantastic home theater experience. When placing your speakers to get that surround sound experience you will need at least two in from of you and two behind you. It gets even better if you can have two on each side of you too.

Probably the most important component of all is the television. For most people the direct view television is the one they are most familiar with. These televisions offer a great picture but they are limited in their size. The largest direct view television available is one that measures forty inches. For many people this is large enough since their theater room is not very large either. One of the main factors here is in knowing how far you will be sitting from the front of the television.

Another choice for home theater systems is the projection television. These come in much larger sizes than the direct view models and are preferred by most people who are creating their own home theater. There are two types of projection televisions, the front projection and the rear projection.

The front projection television uses a projector to display the picture onto a separate screen. This projector is located in front of the screen. This type system is much like the systems you would find in professional theaters. A rear projection system resembles your every day television. The internal projector displays the picture from the back of the television instead of from the front.

When shopping for home theater systems it pays to get some expert advice. Take them your room measurements and most electronic stores can help you pick the products you need to get the results you want.