Home Theater Speakers - Finding The Best Placement

Home theater speakers should be chosen wisely since they can literally provide you with a heart pounding experience. Speaker placement and layout is an important part of getting the most out of your home theater experience. Improper placement of home theater speakers can lead to an annoying lack of sound balance.

The goal of proper speaker placement is to have smooth and precise sound which will envelope you without drawing your attention to one speaker over the other. With the proper placement of your home theater speakers you can transform your theater room into an extraordinary sound experience.

When placing speakers in a home theater you need to remember that the front speakers which are on the left and the right are where the majority of the sound will come from. The other home theater speakers need to be placed so that they blend with the front speakers without having loud sound glaring out of just one.

All of your home theater speakers must be able to work together to provide the room with the surround sound experience. They also must have balance in order to provide all of those special effects which are felt in the professional movie theaters. It is important for you to choose speakers that match together since this is the only way to achieve the clarity desired for a home theater.

Room Size Determines Speaker Size

If you have a large room you will need to buy a speaker system that matches the size of the room. If you have a large room with tall ceilings you might want to consider a tower speaker system. There are many factors in the room that will determine the quality of the sound. Carpet will absorb sound as well as sheet rock walls. High ceilings require a larger speaker system because of the increased size of the area. Four high quality towers can provide an increase in the clarity of the sound. Towers are usually not suitable for smaller rooms since they take up more space than traditional speakers.

Home theater speakers known as bookshelf speakers will not provide the greatest sound for bass but they can still add a high quality sound for a smaller room. They are also suitable for entertainment centers since they are smaller in size than the tower speakers.

Wall mounted speakers can also be paired up with a subwoofer to provide a great sound for small rooms. Wall mounted speakers also take up less space since they can be mounted near the ceiling and out of the way.

When using home theater speakers please keep in mind how close your neighbors are and how well the sound travels from your house. Some of these systems produce a large volume of sound which could be disturbing to your neighbors.