Choosing The Right Home Theater Screens

So, you're ready to build your home theater. Now it's time to choose a screen to watch all of those great movies on. But what type of screen should you choose? There are four different types of home theater screens available, and here we will cover the pros and cons of each category.

Portable Screens

Portable home theater screens are great if you want to be able to either move your theater system from room to room, or if you will need to put it away after each use. If your space is limited, such as if you live in an apartment, portable home theater screens are a grand choice. The portable screen is a very inexpensive choice for those on a limited budget.

The disadvantage of the portable home theater screens is that there is very little support holding the frame together, and they tend to wear out a lot quicker than a fixed screen.

Manual Screens

A manual screen is an inexpensive choice for those who want the advantage of the stability offered by a fixed screen, but don't need to have the screen available at all times. Manual home theater screens can be retracted by hand each time it is not needed. This is also the disadvantage of a manual screen; it does have to be retracted by hand, and as such if not handled carefully, can be easily damaged.

Electric Screens

Electric screens are a more expensive version of the manual home theater screens. They can be retracted after each use, but instead of having to be done by hand, these screens operate on an electric motor that retracts the screen

Electric home theater screens are typically used in classroom settings, as they allow for the greatest versatility in teaching mediums. They can be hung over a blackboard, and raised and lowered as needed.

Fixed Screens

Fixed home theater screens are permanently mounted to the wall in your home theater, and are stretched to ensure a that the screen stays taut. It is my opinion that these are the best option when choosing home theater screens, as they do not have to be moved after each use, and are always ready to provide the best viewing surface.

No matter what your budget, it is ease to find a home theater screen that will match the needs of you and your family. Whether it is the less expensive manual, or the more costly fixed home theater screens, everyone can now enjoy their own home theater screens.