Experience The Thrill Of The Cinema In Our Very Own Home Theater Rooms

Who can forget their first time at the movies? The giant screen, high definition picture and sound, and the darkened atmosphere of the theater made it easy to forget you were watching a movie. While we all still love to go to the movies, now there is a way we have that same experience right in the comfort of our own homes - with our very own home theater rooms.

Your Own Movie Theater

With the cost of movie tickets rising ever higher, fewer everyday citizens are able to go to the cinema on a regular basis. But with advances in technology, now everyone can have their own home theater rooms and watch every movie the way it was meant to be watched, at a much more affordable price than going to the theater.

Setting up our own home theater rooms is very simple. Most electronic and home furnishing stores carry everything that we will need. The most important aspect of our home theater rooms is the size of the television screen we choose. A 72 inch screen will provide us with the best possible home theater experience. While it is a large screen, most of our homes can easily accommodate this size.

A good sound system that includes at least one sub-woofer and five speakers is essential for getting theater quality sound in our home theater rooms. While there are many brands that offer three speaker systems, I have found that five speakers provide the best sound quality. With a center speaker, two side front, and two side rear speakers, it is possible to achieve the surround sound effects in our home theater rooms that we get at the cinema.

The Cinema Experience

While it is possible to set up our home theater rooms with any DVD or VHS player, I have found that the cinema experience is best obtained with High Definition type players. These are currently more expensive than regular video players, but I have found that the money spent is well worth it when setting up real home theater rooms. Try to choose a player that does not offer smart-sound, however, as this will interfere with the sound quality from your speakers.

Seating is another important factor in our home theater rooms. We can choose from simple couches and chairs, or go with a more expensive setting that offers theater-style seats that recline just like a lounger. The most important thing to remember is that you will be sitting in whatever type of seating you choose, for rather long periods of time, so it is imperative to choose something YOU will be comfortable in.

As you can see, setting up our own home theater rooms can be quite simple. With very little effort, we can bring the wondrous experience of going to the movies right into our very own homes with home theater rooms.