How To Adjust And Tweak Your Home Theater in a Box For Optimum Performance

Buying your home theater in a box can be an important first step in recreating the ambience of the original cinema hall. You will however need to make an effort as well as expend some amount of energy in adjusting your system in order to get the best sound. After having purchased your home theater in a box, you will then need to decide on how to improve the quality of sound of your newly acquired system.

Start Up By Navigating Your Set-Up Menus

You should start out by navigating the speaker set-up menus and start off by considering the setup options pertaining to your audio/video receiver. You must ensure that your speaker sizes are properly set for all of your speakers are they left, right, center as well as surround speakers. Then, you should make the sound levels the same across all your speakers, and you can use the receiver to send out test tones to adjust the levels and keep the loudness levels constant across all of the speakers.

You will also need to adjust your home theater in a box by ensuring that the cables are positioned properly. Remember not to get too excited with your purchase that can cause you to get your wiring all mixed up. You must, along with checking your setup, ensure that the test tones are what you want as emitted by the proper speakers.

Another important chore you need to do after purchasing your home theater in a box is to adjust the bass as well as crossover controls, which can often be dependent on whether you have bought satellite speakers, or not. Small speakers will need adjusting of the sub woofer's bass to a midrange or even higher level, and large speakers will warrant setting the sub-woofer's bass to the lower limits. You may also want to reposition the sub woofer close to the front speaker to ensure smooth bass sound.

Your home theater in a box may be very unique, but it will still require optimum positioning of the speakers, in which the front speakers and tweeters must be placed as close to the ear level as possible. In addition, remember to place the left as well as right speakers at equal distance from the listener, and also point your corner speakers in the direction of the listener.

If your home theater in a box uses factory wiring, you would be well advised to use the higher end cables to obtain better quality of sound because the quality amplifier that you bought and the matching speakers may not come with proper cabling. Though you end up saving on cost, the quality of sound too may fall short of expectations. You should thus opt for cabling that has solid gold connectors and does not have braided wires that should also not be less than 16 gauges thick.

The bottom line is that with adjustments and tweaking you can get the most out of your home theater in a box, and after some amount of trial and error, you should get optimum outputs and more enjoyment.