Home Theater Décor Tips To Help With Comfort

Above all else it is important to have a functional home theater. This is why it is important to make sure you have proper sound and visual placement of your home theater system before you can even start to focus on your home theater décor. Although when it comes time to consider home theater décor it is important that you follow several tips to help you add aesthetically to the room, but don't take away from the functionality of the home theater.

A home theater system is often going to have floor speakers of some kind that surround your peripheral area while also being centrally located at the front and back of your seating area. There may be a few newer homes or remodeled homes that have the home theater speakers built into the walls, but there aren't many homes with these features. No matter what design your home has there will generally be floor speakers near the television. When thinking of home theater décor the tops of these speakers can be an excellent location for small items such as knickknacks. Some home theater rooms can also be designed with shelving for speakers or other electronic equipment which also gives an excellent location for home theater décor.

Location Is Key

The focus of any home theater room is the entertainment. This means the television will always be centrally located either on a wall or on the floor just in front of the wall. There will be speakers on the floor beside the television and smaller speakers above the television in the center. Additional speakers will be mounted on the walls or placed to the side of the seating area. Then there will also be a subwoofer somewhere to the side of the seating area. The reason for this is so that the vibrations can be felt in the seating area when the action scenes become intense during a movie. This speaker placement is essential to the functionality of the home theater room. The resulting spaces can be used for home theater décor.

When considering home theater décor you must keep in mind that a dark room is key to the functionality of a home theater room. This means you don't want to have bright colors on the wall or growing plants that rely on light. It is best to use rich earthy tones for your home theater décor. While knickknacks work for a home theater room you should keep these to a minimum. You don't want to have so many knickknacks that it takes away from the television viewing. You also don't want very fragile items for home theater décor since the heavy vibrations can move such items and cause them to break. The key is to keep your home theater décor simple. To add color you can use rugs and to add dept to the walls you can use pictures. Anything over this can be adding clutter to the room.

Always keep functionality in mind when choosing home theater décor. Keep your home theater décor to a minimum if you are going to entertain in the same room and don't use breakable items. You should try for a sparsely decorated room by using the methods discussed above to add color to the room. Simple is always best and it will still allow you to enjoy your home theater room.