Choosing Speakers For Your Home Theater Audio System

We all want that great surround sound that you get when you go to the movies. But how do you get great quality sound from a home theater audio system? There are so many options available when it comes to choosing your home theater audio system, that it would be impossible to not get the movie theater experience at home.

How Many Speakers Should You Use?

The number of speakers you use in your home theater audio system, is entirely dependant upon how large of a room your theater occupies. A smaller room will require far fewer speakers, and a larger home theater audio system will need many more. To safely gauge how many speakers you will need, divide the number of square feet in your theater by ten. That should give you an accurate estimate of how many speakers to use in your home theater audio system.

If you have a moderate sized theater, six speakers should be more than enough. Be sure that you have: a center speaker, which will provide the in front of you sound for when people onscreen are talking; two front, side speakers and two rear, side speakers, which provide the surround sound effect; and a good subwoofer. I prefer a subwoofer with a dial control, so that I can manage my home theater audio system with greater ease.

How Much Should You Spend

When purchasing the speakers for your home theater audio system, you will find that there are high quality speakers available in every price range. A good rule of thumb, is to spend no more than one third of your total home theater audio system budget on speakers.

Speaker Layout And Function

Remember that there is a defined layout pattern when you set up the speakers for your home theater audio system. Understanding what each type of speaker does, and placing it appropriately is essential to getting the best sound out of your home theater audio system. A speaker put in the wrong place, could cause audio feedback, or even interfere with your picture quality.

Your center channel speaker should always be placed directly above our theater screen. This allows for more realistic sound when listening to people on the screen talking. Be sure, if you haven't already, that your center channel speaker is video shielded. Most are, but it is always a good idea to check to make certain.

To get the best quality sound out of your home theater audio system subwoofer, you can either place a wicker basket over it, or face it toward a wall. Facing your subwoofer toward a wall, turns the entire wall into a giant subwoofer.

No matter what your budget is, if you shop around for the best deals, you can get a great home theater audio system that will carry you and your family away!