Sony Platinum Dream Theater Home System

Many people are looking for home theater systems that will make watching TV, movies, and listening to DVD's an incredible experience from the comfort of their own homes. Since this has become a popular audio visual item for the home there are several companies that have put out home theater systems. When shopping for the right system people might become overwhelmed by the amount of home theater systems on the market. Trying to choose the best system can be very time consuming and frustrating. One way to eliminate some of the frustration is to narrow the field of systems by choosing a trustworthy and reliable brand and looking at the options within that specific brand. Sony is a brand that people have found always offers quality electronics.

One Sony home theater system that stands out above the rest is the Platinum Dream Theater Home system. The Platinum Dream Theater Home system is the top of the line for home theater systems. This system is fully modern with all the cutting edge technology. The Platinum DVD Dream Theater Home system DAV-LF1H comes with an integrated top loading DVD/CD player that is the most modern of technologies including wireless rear speakers. The system has flat speakers to match a plasma or flat screen TV or monitor. Many accessories make this system an optimal choice for a home theater system. The system is not inexpensive running about two thousand dollars but will prove to be a great pick.

Other Dream Theater Home Systems

If the price of the DAV-LF1H model is over the budget of the customer Sony does offer some other choices for the Dream Theater Home System. The DAV-X1, DAV-X1V, and DAV-FX900W Dream Theater Home Systems all cost several hundred dollars less than the Platinum but still offer the great Sony name with several choice options. These systems will all perform exceptionally and provide great satisfaction for the customer. Of course, the higher end models will have more options and accessories but even the base model will provide a great theater home system.

For people who really want the top end models but can not afford them there is a great option from www.sonystyle.com. This sight offers refurbished models of the Dream Theater Home systems at greatly reduced prices. Because the system is refurbished by Sony the customer can know that they are getting the next best thing to a new system. There may not be a large selection of refurbished models but there should be a model that will satisfy any customer.