Setting Up A Bose Home Theater

When it comes to a home theater system many individuals think of a Bose home theater since this is the most advertised names. But the question is why the Bose home theater has become such a niche in the audio market. From the beginning Bose started a campaign of word association and branding that remains to this day. Many of the Bose home theater products on the market today have already been in existence for awhile just under other names that have become forgotten. People just started to connect the Bose home theater with these products as a result of print, internet and radio ads that are played constantly.

Choosing A Bose Home Theater

So is a Bose home theater system a good purchase option. Many choose to purchase a Bose home theater system because it has been constantly advertised as an excellent surround sound system and often times the size of their speakers helps to seal the deal. Although if you want truly good sound quality then you should look for other options in home theater sound systems. Although for some a Bose home theater sound system is still a good option. So if you decide on this system then how do you set it up once you get it home.

Set Up

One aspect that has become linked to a Bose home theater is the sleek appearance of their audio system which is apparent the moment you start to set up the system. While it may seem difficult at first it can actually be moderately easy to set up a Bose home theater. The first step is to set up your front speakers. You should place them an equal distance from both sides of the television screen. There should be at least three feet between both of the front speakers, but they should also be kept as close to the television screen as possible.

The next step is to set up the Bose home theater Acoustimass center speaker module. You should have this close to your television but you also shouldn't get the low-end speaker cabinet very close to the television. If this speaker is closer than three feet to the television is can cause interference. Next place the surround sound speakers. The Bose home theater is best known for their very small and easy to conceal surround sound speakers. Behind the listening area is the best place for these speakers and they should be a little farther apart than the front speakers.

Next you will have to attach the speaker cables unless you have purchased one of the wireless speaker system. Connect the wires to your video system which is a simple process of matching the color from the audio output of the video system to the inputs on your Bose home theater power amplifier. Finally you should power up the system, but always remember to set the volume to the lowest level before doing this. Then you are ready to enjoy your Bose home theater system.