Evaluating Home Security Products

How to keep your home safe from illegal entry and from burglary is a common worry today, and it's understandable; there are constant reports of thefts of all kind, from corporate theft to identity theft, and people want to protect their possessions. Of course, the problem with home security is that it can be hard to know what home security products are the best to keep your house safe. The number of home security products and companies are growing, and they all have a variety of things to offer. But before you buy more security than your local jewelry store has, evaluate some of the different kinds of home security products and how they can help.

The Total Approach

When it comes to home security, it's hard to beat alarm companies such as ADT or Brinks, that sell alarms as well as provide the monitoring service to go with them, similar to how cable companies will provide you equipment as well as charge you a monthly fee. An alarm system installed by a professional installer and monitoring is one of the best home security products that your money can buy. These companies also offer, in addition to simple monitoring services, fire monitoring and even carbon monoxide monitoring to keep your family safe. The big disadvantage to these home security products, of course, is the cost. The initial cost of the equipment is often high, and some people just can't budget for the monthly fee, no matter how moderate.

Check the Doors

Sometimes increasing the amount of security your home has involves just changing the locks. It's unfortunate to say so, but the barrier that most people use to keep their home from being exposed to the outside, their front door, isn't an adequate block against thieves. Most door jams are made out of soft wood, which makes an easy task of kicking the door in. Even the hole your lock slides into is probably only held in by a few small screws. Hope isn't lost, though, since you can easily improve upon this with door reinforcement kits and new strike plates for your locks. For even more security, install a heavy deadbolt that requires a key to open from either side. These home security products are readily available at most major home improvement stores.

The Bare Minimum

If you're not going with an alarm system, there are home security products that operate more as deterrents to thieves rather than anything else. Most of these work off light, such as motion sensor lighting systems, which can be installed around the house. No thief wants to deal with lights illuminating his entry every step he takes and the lights also mean extra security for you when you get home, even if you've forgotten to turn on your porch light. Another effective home security product is timers for the lights inside. A few of these set to turn lights on and off at preset times can give the illusion that you're home, even if you're miles away. Again, things like this won't stop a determined thief, but even a strong lock and a great security system won't if the person is desperate enough. Still, whether you opt for the simple or complex, using one or all of these home security products will increase the chances a burglar will pick an easier target and leave you and your things safe.