Stay Safe with an ADT Home Security System

When searching for a home security system, there are many choices to make, from whether to just get a sturdy lock to go all out and get an alarm and monitoring system. If you're choosing to go the latter route, there are still different companies to choose from, and it can be hard to make that final decision. Out of these, though, ADT home security systems are often a great choice due to their comprehensive monitoring systems, cost, and guarantees of safety. An exploration of these will show just why ADT home security systems are considered to be so great. ADT home security systems work like most monitoring systems; when one of the alarms is tripped, be it a window sensor, the door opening without the alarm being disarmed, or even if a one-touch response button is touched on one of the alarm keypads, the ADT home security system will make attempts to contact both the house owners to determine if they are home, and if they can't get a hold of the owners, they will call the local authorities.

And ADT home security can monitor for more than theft. For additional fees, ADT can monitor against fire, carbon monoxide, and even flooding and freezing pipes. ADT wants to help you get needed responses for any sort of emergency, and even the most comprehensive package costs only about as much as cellular phone service for the monthly fee.

The Guarantee

ADT is confident in the ability of its systems to protect you, and because of this, they provide multiple guarantees on ADT home security systems. In the event that your house is still broken into despite their system being in the home, they will pay your insurance deductible, so they're willing to put some of their money at risk to ensure that you've been protected. They also give you a full six months to decide if you like their systems, so they're willing to bet that you'll decide during this period that their installation was great and that there aren't problems with false alarms.

And if that's not enough, ADT home security increases the confidence of many insurance companies; if you purchase ADT home security, the company will work with you to obtain a discount on your homeowner's insurance. That discount can help to offset some of the cost of your monthly security fees, so ADT has an interest in seeing you save money on insurance. With a low price, comprehensive monitoring, and their several guarantees, ADT home security should be your first stop in the search for a home security company.