The Scoop on Holiday Medical Insurance

Many health insurance companies will offer limited if any coverage when you are travelling, particularly if you are travelling abroad. If your health insurance covers only care from certain providers in your immediate area, you may need holiday medical insurance. These policies can cover medical care, hospital stays, and even transportation home or to an appropriate medical facility.

How Do I know If I Need Holiday Medial Insurance?

There are several reasons why it may be especially important for you to get holiday medical insurance. If you are from a country that provides managed health care, but only within the country, then you definitely need to insure yourself against potential health problems when you travel abroad. Similarly, if you have private health insurance that only offers coverage at specific regional facilities, holiday medical insurance may be a necessity for you to protect yourself from catastrophic medical disasters.

In addition, if you have an existing medical condition, like asthma or diabetes that could likely act up during travel, the extra insurance might help you to get better care, and to guarantee that you are able to get the care you need immediately, should your condition act up.

Finally, if you are travelling to an area of the world with generally poor overall medical care, holiday medical insurance might be a very good investment. Even if you are able to get coverage for regional medical care, you are not likely to be able to get your health insurance company to cover transportation or evacuation to a medical facility should you find yourself far from one.

Where Can I Purchase Holiday Medical Insurance?

Holiday medical insurance can be purchased from a variety of independent insurance companies and agents. It is not always a good idea to purchase insurance from a travel agent or from a tour company, as you can often find better rates and coverage elsewhere. Shop around to get a good rate and make sure to read all the details on your policy to make sure it covers everything that you'll need. Often the small print will include crucial exclusions and exceptions.

What Should I Look For In a Holiday Medical Insurance Policy?

Your plan should cover any existing health conditions you have, major medical expenses, and transportation to and from medical facilities. If you are travelling overseas, particularly to an impoverished area, be sure that the policy will cover transportation home should you experience a medical emergency while you are abroad.