Insuring Your Holiday Travel

What would you do if a major weather event or machine failure stopped you from catching a connection you needed to get to your Honeymoon cruise? What if your luggage, with all your clothes, documents, and medications, was lost on a trans-Atlantic flight for your once in a lifetime vacation? What if you were bit by a snake on your African Safari and needed to be airlifted to a hospital? What would you do?

The answer to all of these problems may be very simple: holiday insurance for travel. Many people don't like to think about problems when booking their dream vacations, but holiday insurance may be an important part of your travel plans. For a very small fraction of the price of your travel, holiday insurance can protect you against losses due to cancellations, lost luggage, medical expenses, or even acts of god.

Deciding What Insurance You Need

There are many different types of holiday insurance. Travel can be very insured against expenses due to cancellation, delay, baggage loss, medical emergencies, and even accidental death. As with any insurance, the key to deciding whether you need holiday insurance for your travel is to consider the relationship between cost, payout, and likelihood. For example, you needn't pay $100 to insure your $50 baggage against loss. At the same time, paying $50 to insure your $15,000 vacation package against cancellation or delay may be a wise choice. Taking out additional medical insurance wouldn't be necessary if you were travelling to a nearby city where you could still use your own insurance, but if you were travelling to an impoverished country with one hospital it would suddenly be a very worthwhile investment.

How To Buy Holiday Insurance

Shop around for your holiday insurance. It's often a good idea to buy it from a different company or agent than the one you booked your trip through. This will help you to get the best rates, the most complete coverage, and the most fair package. Often travel companies will inflate the cost or give very limited coverage, making their holiday insurance travel policies almost worthless.

For very short and inexpensive trips , travel holiday insurance may not be necessary, but for expensive trips, extended holidays, or important life events, it is crucial that you insure yourself against the many possible disasters. Compared to the price of the holiday as a whole, the price of holiday insurance for your travel is very slight. Besides, it will give you peace of mind that will help you to relax and enjoy your trip even more, and that alone makes it worth the price.