Buying European Holiday Insurance For Travel

Over the past few years, it has become easier and cheaper to travel to and across Europe. With the blooming of the European Union and the introduction of the Schengen Visa which allows you to travel to several countries with one set of documents, a rise has occurred in the number of holidays being taken to countries on the European continent.

With an increase in visits to Europe has come an increased demand for European holiday insurance for travel across the continent. More visitors mean more delayed and overbooked flights, more potential problems, and fortunately, more available packages for holiday insurance against all of these problems. Even more fortunately, because of the safety and openness of most European nations, European holiday travel insurance packages are usually cheaper than worldwide plans. Still, almost a quarter of travelers go to Europe without any type of holiday insurance.

Before you buy everything in sight, consider the available types of European Holiday Insurance for travel and decide what you need and what is best for you.

Single Trip European Holiday Insurance When You Travel

You can purchase an individual European holiday insurance package for your travel needs when you book an individual trip. Paying for a single trip is usually relatively inexpensive and will protect you against monetary loss due to trip cancellation or interruption or loss of your baggage. It's generally best not to buy these policies from your travel agency or tour company but from an independent insurance company because this is how you will get the best rates and most complete coverage.

Annual European Holiday Travel Insurance

More frequent travelers can purchase annual European holiday insurance for all travel within a given year. Often, if you plan to travel to Europe at least twice during a given year it will be better to purchase an annual plan. Compare rates and plan details to see which is the best for you.

Medical Coverage for European Travel

When you purchase European holiday insurance for your travel, make sure it includes medical insurance. If you are travelling with a Schengen visa, you will be required to maintain health coverage, and your own medical coverage from home may not apply in other countries. Read your European holiday insurance travel plan carefully. Most will provide for these provisions and will cover not only hospitalization, doctor's bills and prescriptions if you should need them, but will also pay for you to travel home should you experience a medical emergency. If your travel insurance package doesn't include medical coverage, you should consider purchasing an additional medical insurance package for your holiday.