Protecting Your Holiday With Direct Holiday Insurance

Often when you are booking travel, your travel agent or provider will ask if you want to purchase travel insurance. It's a tricky question and one that depends on the length, expense, and importance of your trip as well as your own personal needs and comfort level. In general though, while travel insurance is often a good idea, it is usually not a good idea to purchase travel insurance while you are booking your holiday. Rather, it is a good idea to purchase direct holiday insurance from an independent insurance provider.

Why Direct Holiday Insurance?

There are many reasons why direct holiday insurance is a better idea than the travel insurance you can buy from a tour company or travel agent. Most times, the rates will be less expensive on direct holiday insurance, and often the coverage will be better as well. The insurance offered by travel companies, and cruise lines are particularly infamous for this, often includes many exclusions. These fine print exclusions may include the very things that you are seeking insurance for, like weather, cancellation, or dangerous international circumstances. Direct holiday insurance from an independent provider will generally offer you more comprehensive coverage and for less money to boot!

Where Can I Purchase Direct Holiday Insurance?

Many independent insurance providers offer direct holiday insurance packages. Web portals will often give you the opportunity to search a variety of providers and packages to find one that meets your needs, both in terms of coverage and cost. Before purchasing any kind of insurance package, always be sure to read the policy carefully, to make sure it offers all of the coverages you need. It's often also a good idea to contact someone from the provider directly, to ask what policy a professional recommends you get based on your own personal needs.

What Should I Look For in Direct Holiday Insurance?

What kind of insurance you need depends upon a lot of factors. The most basic types of direct holiday insurance offer limited medical coverage in case of emergencies, insurance in case of cancelled or delayed flights, and protection against lost baggage. If you are travelling to a part of the world with poor medical coverage or civil unrest, you may want to invest in additional medical coverage that would include the costs of medical transport and evacuation. If you are carrying a lot of expensive goods in your luggage, you may want to look for a policy that covers baggage loss. In general, the idea is to get the best coverage for the most important and valuable aspects of your holiday at the least available cost.