A Low Cost Holiday Travel Insurance Solution for Annual Travelers

Holiday insurance can be a crucial investment for frequent travelers. Delays, cancellations, baggage loss, and medical emergencies can cost travelers a lot of money and time. The more frequent your travel and holidays, the more likely you are to experience some or all of these problems. Travel insurance, however, can add up to a major expense itself over a variety of trips. The solution may be very simple: Annual holiday or travel insurance.

Annual holiday or travel insurance offers all of the coverage of other travel insurance policies except that, instead of purchasing it for each individual trip, customers purchase this insurance once a year and it covers any trips they take during the given year. For frequent travelers, this can represent a huge money savings. In fact, many times, if you plan to purchase insurance for even two holidays in a given year, annual holiday or travel insurance is a better deal than individual trip policies.

Who Sells Annual Holiday Travel Insurance?

Two well known policies that offer annual rates for holiday travel insurance are Medjet and Travel Guard; these are certainly not the only such policies but they show the distinctions that exist among policies. Medjet focuses primarily on medical coverage while Travel Guard offers more comprehensive coverage. Shop around from a variety of independent insurance companies and agents, read the fine print on any policy, and be sure to talk to someone to be sure that the annual holiday travel insurance policy is purchasing meets all of your travel insurance needs.

How Much Should I Expect To Pay?

Annual Holiday Travel Insurance policies are generally relatively inexpensive, and can cost as little as $100 American, covering any and all trips that you take during a given year. When you compare that to an average per trip insurance cost of about $60 American, it quickly becomes apparent that this is a good deal for most frequent travelers. Depending on the types of coverage you need, your rates may be higher, so once again consider all your options before making a decision.

One caveat: You pay for this insurance annually, whether you end up traveling frequently or not. If you buy annual coverage and then only travel once, it is probably a waste of money, so be sure that you intend to travel more than once - on trips you would be likely to insure - during a given year before purchasing an annual holiday travel insurance plan.