An Introduction to Different Herbs and Their Uses

For many centuries, the human race is aware of the utilization of herbs and their uses for medicinal and other purposes. Now the question arises, what are these so called herbs? An herb is a small plant with numerous nutrients and phytochemicals. It is very beneficial to the well being of all living beings and has now gained its importance in the modern world of medicines.


The ancient traces of herbs and their uses can be found back in the manuscripts of the 10th century. It is very important to understand during those times people believed in superstitions and believed in strength of natural power and god. Many manuscripts by Saxons, in particular, have clearly mentioned different herbs and their uses and advocated using them for all remedial purposes.


There are millions of them on earth. Each herb has its own utilization and some value. Jalap, Knotweed, Hemp and Elecampane are just a few examples of the herbs easily available. Most of them are grown wild and were discovered many centuries ago through observations and research. Today modern science is just confirming the utility of these herbs and their uses and manufacturing medicines on larger scales.


Different herbs have different uses. Herbs and their uses are varied for each different variety of herb. Herbs like Scotch Broom, Cotton Thistle, Fuller's Teasel and Hop etc are all ornamental plant and used in homes and other places for decorations. Thus they are grouped as household plant.

Each herb in this group has a very distinct and attractive feature in it. Marsh Mallow, Hollyhock, Meadow Clary, and Comfrey etc are few herbs which have medicinal value they are used to treat diseases in all living being and hence grouped under medicinal plants. There is another category of plants which are termed as aromatic plants.

Vervain, Cupid's Dart, Costmary and Orris are few example of it. These herbs have distinct aroma of their own which acts as a characteristic feature to them. Then another kind of plants namely kitchen and seasoning herbs like Cardoon, Samphire, Leaved Basil and Winter Savory etc ,these are used as flavors and spices in food. Agrimony, Greater Celandine, Marguerite, Our - Lady's Bedstraw, Madder etc are horticulture plants and still are used as that only.

These all were used by medieval artist centuries ago. Chaste Tree, Wild Strawberry and Meadow Rue etc are another group associated with love and marriage. The magical herbs are another type of herbs which include Ragged - Robin, English Ivy and Bear's Foot etc. This group of herbs could treat almost any illness be it stomach ache, headache, teeth ache, muscle strain etc.

All the herbs found and discussed above are being used from medieval age and now have found their feet in the medicine industry. All these treat the illness very naturally without any side effects and thus have gained so much popularity. These are not very fast remedies but sure shot remedies for sickness of all kinds.