Diabetes And Herbs: A Look Into This Holistic Therapy

Using herbs as a source of medicine has long been touted in history. Plants can offer medicinal solutions to many of the illnesses that people suffer from including diabetes.

What Is Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious illness with many physical consequences. Some of the common symptoms of diabetes include severe thirst and hunger, weight loss, blurred vision and the need to frequently urinate especially at night. If you suspect you have diabetes seek medical attention immediately to begin treatment. The two major types of diabetes include type 1 Diabetes that is also known as juvenile diabetes. With this form of diabetes, the body does not produce insulin, which is needed in the body to process sugar. People with type 1 diabetes need to take insulin. With type 2 diabetes, the pancreas's ability to produce insulin are impaired to different degrees. Type 2 diabetes can be controlled with prescription medicines and helped through diet and exercise.

When looking at diabetes and herbs, it may be important to know which type of diabetes you have. The idea behind diabetes and herbs is to help the body process sugar or increase insulin levels. Whenever deciding to begin a program involving herbs, consult a physician to identify any contradictions between the herbs and current medications.

Which Herbs Should Be Used

Diabetes and herbs have a long history in natural medicine. In India there are several plants used in conjunction with diabetes and herbs. Indian Kino has long been used as a treatment for diabetes. This herb comes from the bark of a tree. When looking at diabetes and herbs, Indian Kino was found to help prevent beta-cell damage in rats. This may assist the pancreases in humans.

Bitter Melon is another diabetes and herbs treatment. With this herb, the blood sugar is actually lowered, making the body balanced and insulin production centered. It can cause severe diarrhea and stomach cramps if taken in too high of a dosage, especially in children.

A relatively easy diabetes and herbs formula is to use onion and garlic. Both are thought to have properties that will lower blood sugar. Again, this aids the body's ability to process sugar with lower levels of insulin.

Blueberry leaves and Asian Ginseng are two more of the diabetes and herbs group. Cinnamon is thought to actually help insulin, by pumping it up so it is more powerful.

All of these diabetes and herbs combinations are considered non-toxic. It is always important to talk with a physician before beginning any holistic treatment plan that involves changing your body's chemistry.