Buying Bulk Herbs: What To Look For

With so many people interested in the healing properties of herbs, many companies are now selling bulk herbs. It is essential, as a consumer, to make sure that the bulk herbs that are purchased are of the highest quality. Using substandard herbs, can take the benefits away from the natural healing that consumers are searching for.

What To Look For In Bulk Herbs

Many companies are now in the market of selling bulk herbs. These herbs can be located on the Internet or at a health food store; some farmers markets also will carry bulk herbs. The first important step when purchasing bulk herbs is to determine if they were organically grown. Most growers understand the importance of organically grown herbs and are producing quality organic grown herbs. Verify the company's standards in regards to organic farming. Ask what types of fertilizer have been used and inquire about their growing techniques. If you can get references from other people as to the quality of the product, this can help in determining where to shop for bulk herbs.

When looking at the herbs that are offered, pay close attention to the quality. Does the herb smell fresh? What color are the herbs, does it look fresh? Herbs need to be stored in a dark place in order to maintain their potency, find out how these herbs have been stored. Are the herbs chopped? Most herbs need to remain whole to have the strongest effect. Chopping can be done after the purchase has been made and many stores will actually assist with this process.

After selecting the bulk herbs, it may be the best time to have them chopped and bottled. Being able to do this process immediately helps in the storing of the bulk herbs. Make sure to be prepared and know what you are going to do with the bulk herbs. Many herbs are used in the creation of teas. The herb will need to be chopped finely enough for tea, having it done at the store will definitely cut down on your own work time. Talk with the supplier about possible storage methods in case you're not sure what your immediate needs will be. Most suppliers can offer good suggestions on keeping the herbs fresh and ready for use.

Bulk herbs are a great way to save money. There are many locations that now sell herbs in this form. Take the time to discover which companies are selling the best quality at the best price.