How to Recognize the Signs of Heartburn

Food is an essential part of our lives, without which we cannot survive and which brings us together, for example, at Christmas time everyone gathers and enjoys a specific meal. The same happens at Thanksgiving, Hanukah or any other celebration for that matter. Any time we plan a get together it will inevitably be around some sort of food or the other.

Sometimes these hearty meals can cause problems as well such as heartburn or indigestion and sometimes both; recognizing the sings of heartburn can be of great help in order to prevent it before it causes too much discomfort.

The Cause of Heartburn

Heartburn is usually caused by foods that are not easily digested by our stomach and digestive system. The most common sings of heartburn are: burning sensation in the chest and stomach area, vomiting, sometimes shortness of breath and ache in the chest area.

When you have any of the above sings of heartburn the best thing to do is to take some heartburn and indigestion pills which act right away such as the water-soluble or chewable tables, which will provide relief within 10-15 minutes. If possible try and lie down for this period of time until you start feeling the healing effects.

Other Ways to Avoid Heartburn

You can avoid the heartburn even before they start and here is how to do it: before any big meal or if you have identified the types of food that cause you the heartburn, you can take a tablet (or two, as required) before you have the meal and thus prevent it before it starts.

Many heartburn medications do not need any prescription and therefore are readily available over the counter in all drug and grocery stores. Find out which heartburn medicine is right for you and always carry some with you - you never know when you crave a greasy burger or hotdog and the signs of heartburn will show up.

Another very effective way to prevent heartburns is to eat sensibly, which in other words means not to over eat. There are times when a particular dish is so tasty you want to keep on eating not realizing that you are overloading your stomach and soon you will have the signs of heartburn which are not pleasant or fun to deal with.

Helpful Tip

We all over eat from time to time - but, if you keep in mind the discomfort you will soon be going through, you will regulate your food intake, which will only work out to your advantage.